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FatCow Hosting Review:

If you are working in the web hosting arena, there are lots of features you look for. Such things as reliability, web hosting services, and web hosting reviews are something you consider from hosting services. The reason behind checking out FatCow reviews is to ensure you select a reliable web hosting company like FatCow. FatCow has made a name in the web hosting service world from decades of web hosting experience. Reliability built on performance and integrity. FatCow is a hosting company which is based in USA. It was established in 1998 in order to provide web-site hosting, reseller web hosting, and dedicated servers to anyone around the globe requiring these types of services.


 Move to FatCow and you will never have to be concerned about not being able to get in touch with a real person if you need help. Web sites are getting more and more complicated at this moment as Online surfers need high quality audio and video contents to get them stuck to your site and to make them returning for more. The problem with other hosting services is that their facilities limit such space demanding contents from being uploaded to your website. Not so with FatCow. It has paid much money to equip itself with plenty of storage space and band-width to get over your most demanding web site requirements. Moreover this permit you to get more traffic through your creative video and audio positioning but additionally your site will not be at risk lagging when your site experiences better traffic. Therefore, it is a reputable company that has a considerable amount of experience in their belt. Actually, it is one of the oldest host company out there today in the industry. FatCow gives a one pricing system which permits their customers to recognize what they have to pay easily.

FatCow Hosting Plan:-

FatCow provides to its clients all what they may want to grow their business and get their goals. You can get different plans, services, tools and applications which can be easily used. FatCow provides 2 plans for its clients and customers. The first one is “Original and Full Plan” and the second one is called “Mini Moo Plan”. The customers who only require a domain name and one email account to begin their work they can use “Mini Moo Plan”. . If you aren't well prepared for a full web hosting product, then Min iMooPlan is ideal for you. The plan gives you email forwarding, a panel that can be personalized, building tools to create your own page, email forwarding and email auto responders and all of this is given you by FatCow for just $5 yearly
Monitoring Facility:-

One of the most interesting things about the FatCow hosting servers is the fact that they are built-in with a number of other features that can plug directly into your website for free.  Google Webmaster tools can possibly show you how visible you are on the search engine Google, and can even help you to understand some indication of your traffic. Other applications that are available, for example A Wstats can provide you a much better proof as to who is visiting your website and what they are performing once they are there.

Professional Image and Free Advertisements:-

Project a more professional image with their email services and take pleasure in receiving and sending email from everywhere. And also you get to enjoy free website promotions to Search engines with initial free credits.

Better Performance:-

FatCow provides a variety of web hosting packages, and deal with a broad range of clients and customers. From the beginner webmaster that needs easy, stress free hosting for their personal online site; all the way through to big organizations, who want specialist dedicated hosting services. The performance from FatCow hosting is fabulous! FatCow place much stronger limits on the number of websites sharing the same server in contrast with most other website hosting providers. This provides more significant reliability because fewer burdens are placed on the servers; and it also greatly enhances the speed at which your web pages run. Web server performance is another one of the big areas where FatCow differentiate themselves from the crowd of other hosting companies.

Customer Support:-

There is without delay of support, daily back-ups and highly trained technician ready to back you up all the time. This is not mentioning their super customer service that users can access via online technical support, toll-free numbers and support tickets. This is certainly a great value for your money. Their chat room is always there 24 / 7, dealing with problems, if any, faced by those using their feature. Especially for newbie’s, there will always be a lot of questions that have to be answered and what even better way than have somebody from FatCow for attending them 24 hours. Their experience has always been great when contacting FatCow, their agents are very well-mannered and even more importantly they seem to know their stuff when handling technical issues. Although, they are always advise that contacting them yourself prior to signing up. Ask them a question and see if you're impressed by their answer. This always informs you a lot about a hosting company!

FatCow hosts are always recommended as they are one of the top hosting providers.
If you explore hosting reviews, it is possible to find out that existing clients are rating them very well. You can find decent words and not clients scolding away because they're paying for low-quality service. Nevertheless, there will still be a couple of users that will slam FatCow claiming that it is a crappy service. You won't be able to get 100% favorable feedback in a servicing industry and web site hosting is in this industry. FatCow service fulfills the above criteria and I would advise that it to experienced users as well as new users. I have noticed that FatCow is definitely the choice of many online marketers and if it is good enough for them.

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